Announcing our Newest Inclusive R&D Program:  Reading Reimagined

Aubrey Francisco

Aubrey Francisco is the Deputy Program Director for EF+Math. In her role, Aubrey works closely with the Director to drive overall program strategy implementation and manages several funded R&D teams. Aubrey brings expertise in working collaboratively at the intersection of research, education practice, and technology development to design, implement, and scale approaches that can improve learning outcomes. Previously, Aubrey was Chief Research Officer at Digital Promise, where she led the development of novel ways to communicate learning sciences research, supervised dozens of pilot studies of education technology products, developed continuous improvement methods for supporting schools in implementing instructional coaching and was co-principal investigator on an effort to scale an effective early literacy professional support system. Prior to joining Digital Promise, Francisco worked in biomedical R&D where she developed innovative biomaterials for intervertebral disc regeneration. She earned her undergraduate degree from Syracuse University and her PhD from Duke University.